Chairs – Theme Week: Oddities (7/8)


Dreams are a strange thing. Sometimes happy, sometimes scary, but almost always odd. Because “dreamlike” is something that by definition doesn’t look like reality, I find it hard to capture a dreamlike picture. These chairs – the unusual color, the floating nature – make a very dreamlike impression to me. The way the chairs are positioned also give a sense of motion. They were actually static and fixed on poles, but I like the affect.

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I Am Refracting Dymond


Welcome! I am a Dymond, my camera refracts, and photography is my passion. Over the past few years, I, like many millions around the world, discovered the joy of photography. When I see other people’s work, I often wonder what the story is behind the picture. As I am getting more serious about my work, I decided to share some thoughts and stories about my photos. I don’t know where this blog adventure will take me, but I hope to have fun and learn from it. I would welcome your comments, questions, and critiques.

This picture was taken on February 13, 2015 at the “Winterlichter” (Winter Lights) exhibit at Luisenpark in Mannheim, Germany. It was an amazing outdoor art exhibit and really brightened up a dark winter night. The Winterlichter exhibit was a nice distraction – and not just from the dreary winter weather. In February, I was going through medical testing, and I was worried about the potential very serious outcome. A few days later I received good news, almost the best possible outcome. With a good diagnosis coming after some dark weeks of testing, the pictures I took that night took on symbolic meaning for me. The surreal nature of the unnatural shapes and colors paired with the trees and park space also appeals to me. A beautiful, although sometimes unsettling image.

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