Best Shot 2016


I submitted this to flickr’s “Best Shot 2016” contest. I had quite a few shots that I really liked, so I posted them to Facebook and asked for feedback. First I am humbled by the response, but also very appreciative that so many people took the time out to give me their feedback. It was also interesting to see which pictures didn’t get any likes and which ones evoked an overwhelming response.

Both of the most popular pictures were taken on the night of February 10 at the Winterlichter light show in Mannheim’s Luisenpark. I spent a lot of time, alone, taking these pictures and really enjoyed the evening, despite the cold. You can read the original post about this photo here.

This is my last post for 2016. 2017 will bring many new adventures and many new pictures. I will be facing more time constraints, so I will not be posting as frequently or regularly as I would like, but I will try to get pictures up here.

Thank you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


Winterlichter (7/7)


This picture looks fundamentally different that the previous ones. First, it is taken at a much closer distance. Second, the subject was a long series of white, lighted spheres on sticks. I really like the effect this gives – even though it is very abstract.

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Winterlichter (5/7)


Night photography presents a number of challenges. While the trees are bright enough to get a snapshot with a camera, to get truly high quality┬ápictures I took the steps detailed below. These worked for me in the situation, but they aren’t set rules. Actually I would be interested to know if anyone disagrees or has additional tips.

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