The Big Question

The Big Question

I hiked to the top of a hit in Piran, Slovenia to find this question mark graffitied onto the wall in front of me. It really stuck out as the wall didn’t have much graffiti on it, and it was contrasted with the big, open blue sky. But I wondered, what was the big question? Once I approached the wall, it was easy to see over. The view of the city on the peninsula was amazing! But I still don’t know what the question was…

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Up Against the Wall – Theme Week: Oddities (2/8)

Up Against the Wall

Walls can be live-saving protection or they can symbolize exclusion. They can mean imprisonment. They can carry historic or religious meaning. Walls can be emotional. Walls can be figurative barriers. Take a minute and just think about how walls have affected your life good or bad.

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