I’ve posted before about sea gulls and in fact this very boat ride to Telašćica Nature Park in Croatia. I like this picture because it is full of action, you only can see a bit of what is going on, yet you can still imagine the entire scene. I can imagine the birds having a conversation. It is almost a landscape shot, but the action in the corner upsets it. I like images with some kind of disturbing factor in them. What do you think? Is the picture too lopsided? What does this image evoke in your mind?

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Who Came Before Me?

Telascica Stones

At the Telašćica Nature Park in Croatia, there is a small section of the island with porous soil. Water seeps through to form a salt lake. Where the soil is porous there are lots of stones and the visitors have stacked them and made other formations with them. It makes me wonder who came here before me? How long as this pile been there? What message did the person who built it want to send? Maybe they were just having fun and I think too much.

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Sea Gulls in Telašćica

Sea Gulls in Talašćica

Sea gulls remind me of summer vacation. They are nice birds to watch in flight. And they are nasty. They steal ice cream cones from children and can be rather aggressive when food is around. Despite their annoyance, I still love hearing their call – it sounds like vacation. On a boat ride to Telašćica Nature Park in Croatia, people started throwing bread over and many sea gulls started following the boat, diving for the food. It was amazing to see how fast they were flying and how precisely they could catch the bread. And it was a wonderful opportunity to get close up photos of these birds.

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