Sunrise Tower

Sunrise Tower

Frank Gehry is one of the most famous living American architects. I watched this tower on Spruce St in New York go up across several visits to the city. My eye is always drawn to skyscrapers, and as it was clear that this building would have such a unique form, I always looked for it. The wavy front almost makes it looks like it is waving like a flag and not strong and stationary.
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Sunrise over Fuertaventura

The world is overflowing with sunrise and sunset pictures. They happen every day, all around the world, and most of the 7 billion people of the planet find them pretty and take snapshots. Nonetheless, I find myself particularly drawn to sunrise and sunsets. I often snap pictures with my cell phone camera and send them to my dad – he’s a nature guy. Being a night owl, I probably have seen more sunsets than sunrises. But sunrise is a beautiful time of day. The end of the darkness of night, the warmth of the sun, the hope of what a new day can bring. As a photographer, the quickly changing light is like a playground. The scene you photographed one way looked totally different just 15 minutes later.  I have watched the sunrise over the ocean three times in my life. It has been a joy each time.

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