Stop Right There!

Stop Right There!

The final post taken during my September 2015 trip to New York City. After an sunrise walk downtown (see previous post), I took the subway back to the hotel. The station had sculptures of little policemen all around the platform. It is hard to brighten up a subway stations, but these little guys sure did.

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Color (1/7): Subway


I have curated seven photos for my next theme – Color.

This is the Canal St. subway stop. I was in New York City on business and met my parents. We had a very nice dinner and on the way back to the hotel the lighting, graffiti and subway stop caught my eye. I was lucky that a random person was going down the stairs when I snapped this.

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Downtown Trains – Theme Week: New York City (2/7)

Downtown Trains

I find the subway an interesting place. Never a place I want to stay for long, but it is interesting. A city under the city. The impatience of people waiting for a train, trying to get somewhere. The nervousness of suburban folk when encountering a homeless person. Subway musicians, employees, police, criminals, tourists. It’s a real mix of people. So much interesting material, but I had never tried to capture it.

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