Papaya Dog

Papya Dog

Sometimes the best part of a visit isn’t the famous sights, but rather just soaking in the entire vibe of a city with people you care about. In September last year, I was in NYC with my parents and we were able to spend a full day wandering about the city. We saw and did a lot, but the walk uptown sticks in my head. The mood was good, we laughed a lot, and I turned and shot this picture.

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Streets of Stavanger

Streets of Stavanger

Stavanger is one of the wealthiest towns in Norway, given that it is the center of the oil industry. I was expecting something much more urban, given it is the fourth largest city in Norway. Instead, I found a cozy little coastal town. The old city is made up of white houses and is beautiful to stroll through. There are residences mixed in with tourist shops selling local goods. A quaint surprise of a town.

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A Day in New York (4/4) – Times Square Tourists

Times Square Tourists

Changing perspective is often key to a good photograph. Tourists take pictures every day in New York and at millions of other attractions around the world. As I stood in Times Square, I saw a number of photos being taken and thought that showing the group and the photographer would also be very New York. And with Woody taking the picture it was. I like how the people in the background are captured as well, one woman stopping to see what is going on, a man passing by uninterested. Even everyday events can be interesting.

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For Whom?

For Whom?

Continuing the afternoon in Zadar that the previous two pictures document, I turned from the street musician and walked further down the main road. Looking into an run down passageway at garbage cans, I saw these two mannequins. It struck me as incredibly odd that these were on display in such an out of the way location. For whom?

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