A Bit of B&W: Leif Shetlands Larsen

Leif Shetlands Larsen

In the center of Bergen, Norway, this statue stands imposingly on a harbor pier. It really stood out. People took to sitting around the statue and birds found the top of the statue to be a nice perch. I didn’t have time to read about who this statue is of, but thanks to the internet I figured out it is of Leif Larsen. He was a naval officer and the most highly decorated Norwegian in WWII. History has so many details, it is amazing how it seems you can never learn it all.

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Den lille havfrue

Den Lille Havfrue

The Little Mermaid statue is one of Copenhagen’s landmarks. It is located a bit of a distance outside the center, along the waterfront and near a beautiful park. Tourists flock to see it, and often you cannot get a good picture of the statue without a bunch of other tourists in the way. People are often disappointed in how little the statue is.

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Piran, Slovenia is a picturesque small town on the Adriatic coast. It’s main square is Tartini Square. The main sculpture in the square is of Giuseppe Tartini, a violinist from Piran. A statue on the edge of the square really caught my eye, however. It is of a boy reaching upwards with one hand, the other reaches into his chest where is heart is, but there is nothing there but a hole. The position of the statue captures movement and stress, and I found it moving.

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