Sunrise Tower

Sunrise Tower

Frank Gehry is one of the most famous living American architects. I watched this tower on Spruce St in New York go up across several visits to the city. My eye is always drawn to skyscrapers, and as it was clear that this building would have such a unique form, I always looked for it. The wavy front almost makes it looks like it is waving like a flag and not strong and stationary.
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One World Trade Center – Theme Week: New York City (5/7)

One World Trade Center

I have always loved skyscrapers, as I have mentioned before. With such an amazing skyline, driving into NYC was always a highlight for me. Seeing the colossal twin towers peek over the horizon was always the sign that we were approaching NYC and I would always get butterflies in my stomach from the excitement. I never liked the actual look of the buildings, but I loved how dominate and massive they were. Returning to NYC after a long time and seeing the whole in the skyline partially replaced is healing and refreshing. I like the design of the the new One World Trade Center. I find it simple and elegant. Looking up from the ground, you really get an appreciation for the size of the building.

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Turning Torso

Turning Torso

I remember seeing sketches of the Turning Torso on a skyscraper blog when construction started in 2001. The unique design and claim as tallest building in Scandinavia generated a lot of interest. So when I travelled to Malmö, Sweden, this tower was on the top of my sightseeing list. The building was completed in 2005 and is 190 m / 623 ft tall. Many buildings are given artsy or inspiring names, but this one really fits. The building looks almost as if it is in motion, or stretching.

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Bank of America Tower

I have always been fascinated by skyscrapers. In fact, some of my first pictures I ever took as a kid were of skyscrapers in Philadelphia. I think it is the drama of a skyline, how humankind has managed to build something so massive, so high. It amazes me how one building can dramatically alter a cityscape – like changes to the Manhattan skyline since 2001 or the addition of the Comcast Tower to the Philadelphia skyline.

For someone who loves skyscrapers, Manhattan is heaven. There have been so many new buildings built over the past few years. On a recent visit to New York City, I was walking at night and passed under the 1,200 ft Bank of America tower – the 4th largest building in NYC. The glass facade is really lit nicely at night. The sky was cloudy and the light was reflecting in a very cool way. I wished I had my camera with me. Thankfully cell phones have pretty good cameras and I was able to get a snapshot.

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