September 9, 2001

September 9, 2001

I am publishing this at 8:46 am ET – exactly 14 years after the first plane hit the towers.

The weather on September 9 was exactly as on September 11 – a stunning fall day. After taking this picture, I got on the wrong PATH train and went to the top of the World Trade Center, a tourist site in NYC I had not yet seen. If you had told me that the buildings would not be there two days later I never would have believed you. I am so glad I had the opportunity to visit the towers while standing. The memories of that visit are burned into my head – positive memories opposed to the negative memories from two days later.

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One World Trade Center – Theme Week: New York City (5/7)

One World Trade Center

I have always loved skyscrapers, as I have mentioned before. With such an amazing skyline, driving into NYC was always a highlight for me. Seeing the colossal twin towers peek over the horizon was always the sign that we were approaching NYC and I would always get butterflies in my stomach from the excitement. I never liked the actual look of the buildings, but I loved how dominate and massive they were. Returning to NYC after a long time and seeing the whole in the skyline partially replaced is healing and refreshing. I like the design of the the new One World Trade Center. I find it simple and elegant. Looking up from the ground, you really get an appreciation for the size of the building.

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7th and Christopher – Theme Week: New York City (1/7)

7th and Christopher

For my second theme week, I have decided on recent pictures of New York City. NYC is a photographer’s dream. There is so much going on that it doesn’t take much effort to find something interesting to shoot. Different buildings, different people, it’s always in motion. Because of the motion and the change it seems to never get old. I was very happy with some of the photos I took my last two visits to the city and wanted to share them.

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