Up Against the Wall – Theme Week: Oddities (2/8)

Up Against the Wall

Walls can be live-saving protection or they can symbolize exclusion. They can mean imprisonment. They can carry historic or religious meaning. Walls can be emotional. Walls can be figurative barriers. Take a minute and just think about how walls have affected your life good or bad.

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Gotta Go? – Theme Week: Oddities (1/8)

Gotta Go?

Port-o-Potties are gross. I am sure each of you has some funny / horrifying story about using one. So it probably wouldn’t strike you as a great subject for a photo. It’s odd. Welcome to my third theme week. I had intended on doing these once a month, but the reaction has been so positive I decided to do them whenever I come up with material. I dug into my picture archives to come up with odd pictures. These are more “artistic” than most of my pictures and often more edited and I am interested in hearing what you think.

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