Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crabs

Summer 2015 is now a memory, so I thought I would end with one final summer post. Summer always reminds me of the Jersey Shore, and what is more Jersey Shore than hermit crabs? I had hermit crabs as a child and always found these creatures fascinating. And although I now realize that it isn’t very humane to hold living creatures like this, they do bring back fond memories.

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View from Mt. Tammany, NJ

After writing about the Alps in the previous posts, I decided to share a picture taken from a much smaller mountain on the other side of the Atlantic. I had been by the Delaware Water Gap a few times and had read about it, and wanted to go the top of the mountains on either side. Mt. Tammany is on the New Jersey side and reaches a height of 1,526 feet (465 m). The hike is fairly short and easy. In 2007 I made the trek to the top of Mt. Tammany and was treated with the spectacular view. Hopefully I will get to Mt. Minsi on the Pennsylvania side soon. With such a view of the vast landscape you realize how small you are. The feeling of smallness is both amazing and scary.

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