Winterlichter (2/7)


The night I chose to spend in the park taking photos was Fasching Dienstag – fat Tuesday. The weather was cold and damp – I couldn’t feel my fingers after the first 10 minutes  – and there was a slight breeze. Most people were celebrating at a festival in the town center, so park was nearly empty. A few schoolchildren were leaving as I entered.

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Winterlichter (1/7)


As winter draws to a close and spring begins, I am sharing a series of pictures that I took a at the Winterlichter exhibit at Mannheim Luisenpark in February. This is the second year I visited and enjoyed the lights very much. Again this year, I went twice. Once to enjoy the lights as a social event, and a second time with my camera and tripod to try and capture the magic.

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World Champs

World Champs

The gymnastics German championships were held in Mannheim in 2013 as part of the International Gymnastics Festival. It was a neat event and seeing the men’s finals live really gave me a new appreciation for what the athletes achieve. It also made me realize how out of shape I was at the time. I still can’t do back flips, but at least I am in better shape now.

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Color (7/7): Color in Darkness

Color in Darkness

The contrast of artificial light in the dark can be very surreal. In Feb 2015 I visited the Winterlichter illumination at Luisenpark in Mannheim. The exhibit was enjoyable and surreal. I especially liked the bright color of these trees, unexpected not only due to the color, but because the trees are illuminated from the bottom, which one isn’t accustom to seeing.

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Jolly Man

Jolly Man

This jolly man was in a park in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. He really seemed to enjoy what he was doing, and people were giving him lots of coins. I snapped a picture of him and was able to capture a bit of his personality or the mood he was conveying at the time. It looks posed, but in reality it was just good timing. He wasn’t actually looking at me nor was he posing. Lucky shot! I took this at a time when I decided I wanted to get better shots of people and moved closer to him than I had been to other subjects in the past. I think this helped both the picture, and helped me get more comfortable.

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