Extra! Extra!

Extra Extra

Walking around Ludwigshafen center, I passed by the offices of the Rheinpfalz, the local newspaper. I saw this man reading the daily paper and it struck me as quaint. There was  a time when many more people would have been stopping by to take a look and depending on the daily paper for news. Also, the angle struck me – while you can clearly tell this is a man, he is headless, with the paper covering his head. It stuck me in the moment.

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Lighted Path

Path to Light

After a bad day, I forced myself to get on my bike. I often react to stress by becoming lethargic, even though physical activity is what helps me most. It was a good choice. The weather was lovely on this warm evening and I really was able to clear my head. While going around a bend on this bike path, which runs along the Rhine River in Ludwigshafen, I saw the awesome way the light was falling and immediately was angry I didn’t have my 600D with me.

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Purple Prayer

Purple Prayer

I find religious buildings fascinating. They say so much about history, about a culture. Germany is known for its grand cathedrals and ancient buildings, like the Cologne Cathedral. But most churches in Germany are modern and not so grand. This is a church in Ludwigshafen, most likely built some time in the 1950’s. It is a simple church and speaks to the post-war reconstruction of the 1950’s. Today it has lost it’s shine, but I wonder how the churchgoers must have been excited to be able to worship in a brand new church after the war. It must have meant a lot to them.

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