Who Sat Here?

Who Sat Here?

Graz, Austria is a beautiful city. One of the sights is Graz is the Schlo├čberg. It is a hill with an old fortress on it. From above you have a beautiful view of the city and can learn about the city’s history. The gardens are also beautiful. Here, this bench caught my eye. I guess it isn’t the bench in particular, but the landscaping around it. I feel it makes for an imposing picture, with the bench jumping out at you. I wonder who sat here last? Who sat here hundred of years ago? Was there even a bench?

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Berlin B&W (2/5)

Berlin B&W 2

When learning about composition, you often hear one of the guidelines is to include lines that draw the viewer’s eye to certain points in the photo. I was on a boat tour on the Spree and the lines the stairs leading back up to ground level caught my eye. The texture of the cement walls, the pattern of the stairs, and the contrasting diagonals make for a nice picture. I also like the way the lone bag in the lower left stands out exactly because it doesn’t fit.

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