Creepy Picture #3

Who's That?

Who is that? The man almost seems to have a halo or to glow. Who is he? What is everyone doing? What is no one facing the camera? What are they walking away from?

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Graz Infinity


I found the infinity symbol in light on the Kunsthaus Graz intriguing. What captures my eye and intrigues me gets photographed. So I set up my tripod on the bridge to shoot this picture. I like this picture for a few reasons. I like the lighting – the blue-purple sky combined with the artificial lights on the building and street. But I also like that it isn’t necessarily the postcard type of picture. There is “too much” street in the picture. The tram wires run across the picture. But to me, it is real. And that is what I aimed to capture. A nice scene, but a real scene.

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Winterlichter (7/7)


This picture looks fundamentally different that the previous ones. First, it is taken at a much closer distance. Second, the subject was a long series of white, lighted spheres on sticks. I really like the effect this gives – even though it is very abstract.

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Winterlichter (5/7)


Night photography presents a number of challenges. While the trees are bright enough to get a snapshot with a camera, to get truly high quality┬ápictures I took the steps detailed below. These worked for me in the situation, but they aren’t set rules. Actually I would be interested to know if anyone disagrees or has additional tips.

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