Triberg Waterfall


When in the Black Forest, you can really picture Grimm’s fairy tales taking place. The dense woods and mountains are beautiful, but at times foreboding. The Triberg Waterfall is one of the highest in Germany. (The town claims it is the highest, but that is disputed). The waterfall cascades 163 meters down rocks on the Gutach River, not far from the center of town. This accessibility makes it one of the most visited attractions in Germany. I love waterfalls and enjoyed the day trip to see it. The fact my parents were visiting probably also make me recall the day fondly.

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View from Mt. Tammany, NJ

After writing about the Alps in the previous posts, I decided to share a picture taken from a much smaller mountain on the other side of the Atlantic. I had been by the Delaware Water Gap a few times and had read about it, and wanted to go the top of the mountains on either side. Mt. Tammany is on the New Jersey side and reaches a height of 1,526 feet (465 m). The hike is fairly short and easy. In 2007 I made the trek to the top of Mt. Tammany and was treated with the spectacular view. Hopefully I will get to Mt. Minsi on the Pennsylvania side soon. With such a view of the vast landscape you realize how small you are. The feeling of smallness is both amazing and scary.

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Stories from Long Ago

Hopfen am See

Hopfen am See is another resort town in the Allgäu region of the Bavarian Alps. The first few times I visited, I stayed at a bed and breakfast run by an elderly couple. I have always found it fascinating to talk to older people, I always felt I could learn a lot. It is like having a living documentary or history book. In this case, I heard stories about being expelled from the Sudetenland in World War II. Hearing personal war stories really gives you insight on the personal impact of the war and makes me thankful that I have not been directly affected by war.

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My First Time

Speiden, Bavaria

I vividly remember the first time I saw the Alps. I had never seen such high mountains before and I was truly impressed. Southern Bavaria has some small rolling hills, and the Bavarian Alps tower over the hills like a wall. Since that first trip, I have returned to the Alps a number of times, with my family, for a friend’s wedding, for Easter. The weather hasn’t been that great, but I have always had an amazing time. This picture is of the village of Speiden. Besides looking a beautiful as a painting, there is also an excellent restaurant in the village. I can’t wait to go back!

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