Ahr Railroad Bridge

Aha Railroad Bridge

While this doesn’t really fit to the spring weather, I really wanted to share this photo. In November I spent a few days in the Ahr Valley, which is about an hour south of Cologne, Germany. It is an absolutely beautiful area, with extensive biking, walking, and hiking paths, good restaurants, and good wine. These bridges were originally both railroad bridges. Today only one is used for rail and the second is a bike path. The double arch appealed to my eye and the bright yellow leaves on the ground add some color to the picture. Maybe the memories of the relaxing and refreshing walk also make the picture more appealing to me too.

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Nature’s Painting

Nature's Painting

I do not like hot weather, and the recent hot weather led me to think about the fall. I took this picture on a walk to look at the foliage. Unfortunately the fall foliage in Germany does not compare to what you see in New England, but the colors are still pretty. I remember not liking the fall as a kid because it meant back to school. But as I attended college in New England, I grew to love the fall – the cool weather, the beautiful foliage, and well back to school was a good thing. Now fall is one of my favorite seasons. I don’t want to wish the summer away, but thinking about the fall helps me stay cool during a heat wave.

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View from Mt. Tammany, NJ

After writing about the Alps in the previous posts, I decided to share a picture taken from a much smaller mountain on the other side of the Atlantic. I had been by the Delaware Water Gap a few times and had read about it, and wanted to go the top of the mountains on either side. Mt. Tammany is on the New Jersey side and reaches a height of 1,526 feet (465 m). The hike is fairly short and easy. In 2007 I made the trek to the top of Mt. Tammany and was treated with the spectacular view. Hopefully I will get to Mt. Minsi on the Pennsylvania side soon. With such a view of the vast landscape you realize how small you are. The feeling of smallness is both amazing and scary.

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