Time Suspended – Theme Week: Oddities (4/8)

Time Suspended

One of my first words was “clock”. Big clocks have always fascinated me since I was very little. A very early memory I have is my great-grandmother talking to me about her grandfather clock. Dali’s paintings with the melting clocks in them (Like the Persistence of Memory) also appealed to me – an interesting way to make a statement about time. I find myself looking at large clock and photographing them. I like the surreal nature of this picture. A clock suspended in the sky is unsettling.

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Up Against the Wall – Theme Week: Oddities (2/8)

Up Against the Wall

Walls can be live-saving protection or they can symbolize exclusion. They can mean imprisonment. They can carry historic or religious meaning. Walls can be emotional. Walls can be figurative barriers. Take a minute and just think about how walls have affected your life good or bad.

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NYC has the Statue of Liberty, London has Towers of Parliament, and Berlin has the Brandenburg Gate. Mannheim has the Wasserturm. The weather was gorgeous today, and I couldn’t wait to test my new lens and ND filter at the fountains at Friedrichsplatz. This is the home of Mannheim’s Wasserturm (Water Tower)…the symbol of the city. Friedrichplatz is really beautiful, with art nouveau architecture abounding. Especially when the weather is nice, it is a wonderful place to come together with friends and enjoy life. So here it is – the symbol of my adopted city.

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