What Lurks on Visovac Island


Visovak Island is a small island in the River Krka. A monastery is located on the island. Krka river is absolutely beautiful and I would recommend a tour of the small island. As I came out of the monastery, I noticed this statue. It was in a fenced off area, and it wasn’t immediately clear what this was. But it was pretty creepy. Makes me wonder what else lurks on this island.

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For Whom?

For Whom?

Continuing the afternoon in Zadar that the previous two pictures document, I turned from the street musician and walked further down the main road. Looking into an run down passageway at garbage cans, I saw these two mannequins. It struck me as incredibly odd that these were on display in such an out of the way location. For whom?

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Long Time Baking

Long Time Baking

Old things fascinate me. I wonder what it was like when an old building was build. I wonder what the people who built the building lives were like. I wonder how things have changed throughout time. The St. Donatus Church in Zadar, Croatia is one of these buildings. It was built int he 9th century and has spent a long time since baking in the sun.

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No matter how much one plans a trip, unexpected things will happen. More often than not, these have led to the most pleasant experiences in my travels. I have shared a few photos from Krka National Park in Croatia. I was so stunned by the park’s beauty, I am sharing another. Some days everything comes today. The light was perfect, the weather beautiful, and the park is gorgeous. That makes it easy to take good pictures. I normally wouldn’t have gotten this shot, either, but our little tour boat broke down. Since we were stationary, I was able to get this shot. I really like it because it looks like something from the set of a movie (actually this park was the setting for the Winnetou films).

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Who Came Before Me?

Telascica Stones

At the Telašćica Nature Park in Croatia, there is a small section of the island with porous soil. Water seeps through to form a salt lake. Where the soil is porous there are lots of stones and the visitors have stacked them and made other formations with them. It makes me wonder who came here before me? How long as this pile been there? What message did the person who built it want to send? Maybe they were just having fun and I think too much.

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