Selfie Love

Selfie Love

I often observe how people interact with their cell phones. You see people not paying attention while driving or walking, people sitting in a group at a café ignoring everyone and focused on their phone. I am a heavy mobile user, I am also guilty of the behaviors I mentioned above. But I do make an effort not to stay on the phone when interacting with others. But modern life and these gadgets have changed our social behavior.

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Happy Couple – Theme Week: Oddities (8/8)

Happy Couple

I know, I know. A week has 7 days. I had so many pictures that fit this theme, I thought I would add on a bonus day.

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is an interesting place, a creative place, an odd place. Everywhere you look, there are bottles, figures, pieces of glass. It is a lot to take in, but after a few minutes you start noticing the details. And there are some interesting details. This couple was sitting happily on top of a lump of clay. I think it stuck out because I took this in November 2012, a few days after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast. After the TV blaring doom and gloom for days, and seeing the destruction on the Jersey Shore, it was nice to see this blissful couple. Sitting where they always sit. Oblivious to everything. Or perhaps they just don’t care?

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