Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

When I was young I loved looking at city skylines. While I was fortunate enough to see two great skylines (Philadelphia and New York) relatively often, I always wanted to see others. I had a set of puzzles of major US cities that showed these skylines. Two really caught my eye – San Francisco because of the Transamerica Pyramid and Pittsburgh.

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Trieste Tranquility

Trieste Sunset

You don’t normally describe a city as tranquil. Especially and Italian city. Yet, the evening that I took this picture was exactly that. It was spent strolling along the waterfront at sunset. There was noise, there were lots of people about, but the mood was tranquil and relaxed. And I feel this picture captured it perfectly.

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Color (6/7): Times Square

Times Square

Times Square – fun, iconic, crowded, loud, rip off. It is a lot of things good and bad. I am fascinated by Times Square because of the transformation it has undergone over the past 30 years. I vividly remember my first time passing through times square, on a school trip. Times Square hadn’t been cleaned up and it was dirty, full of adult theaters, and sketchy characters on the streets. I remember thinking to myself, “where the heck are they taking us?”

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City Pigeons

City Pigeons

Pigeons are an animal I just can’t grow to like. I am sure many people feel this way. They are called flying rats for a reason. This group of pigeons was particularly aggressive. There were a few bakeries and kiosks selling food in the area, and people were dropping crumbs and feeding the pigeons. More and more pigeons came looking for food and it almost seemed they were chasing the people away.

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Confused Footprints – Theme Week: Oddities (3/8)

Confused Footprints

There is something about the physical representation of the smallest unit of a journey that speaks to me.¬†These confused footprints were painted on the sidewalk in Graz, Austria. I found it odd that¬†they didn’t lead anywhere. Footprints leading nowhere unsettled me, which was probably the artists content. I can’t decide if this represents a single person walking erratically or if it represents three people standing facing each other for some reason. These footprints really caught my attention.

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