Long Time Baking

Long Time Baking

Old things fascinate me. I wonder what it was like when an old building was build. I wonder what the people who built the building lives were like. I wonder how things have changed throughout time. The St. Donatus Church in Zadar, Croatia is one of these buildings. It was built int he 9th century and has spent a long time since baking in the sun.

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Winter – St. Colomon Church

St. Colomon Church

It finally snowed a bit this week. It was only a few flurries, but it still brought a smile to my face. I love snow. I have a lot of good memories associated with snowstorms – listening to the radio to find out of school was closed, building forts in the snow, hot chocolate. To this day I still turn into a kid when it snows. And I even enjoy shoveling snow. I find winter to be so much more enjoyable when the landscape is covered in white, as the brightness of the snow takes away from the dreary darkness of winter.

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Sv Duh

Sv. Duh

Croatia really impressed me. The people were welcoming, and the sights were amazing. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I do like to plan my trips to ensure the main sights are visited, but I also like time for exploring. Looking at a map, I thought the town of Novigrad, about 20 minutes north of Zadar, would be worth a visit. There wasn’t much there, but it was a picturesque little town. On the way there, we passed by this small church out on a small island in this bay. It was called Sv. Duh and was not in any tour book or Website I had read. We spent about 20 minutes here just taking in the beautiful weather, the mountains, and this beautiful, ancient and small church.

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Metz, France

Metz, France

Metz, France is a beautiful city on the Moselle River. I have very fond memories of visiting it while on my year abroad, and have been drawn back a number of times. The city shows a number of different architectural styles, reminders of the chaotic history of the city. In this picture you see the Moyen Pont (Old Bridge), which was built in the 13th century and the Temple Neuf (new temple), an early 20th century Protestant church.

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Purple Prayer

Purple Prayer

I find religious buildings fascinating. They say so much about history, about a culture. Germany is known for its grand cathedrals and ancient buildings, like the Cologne Cathedral. But most churches in Germany are modern and not so grand. This is a church in Ludwigshafen, most likely built some time in the 1950’s. It is a simple church and speaks to the post-war reconstruction of the 1950’s. Today it has lost it’s shine, but I wonder how the churchgoers must have been excited to be able to worship in a brand new church after the war. It must have meant a lot to them.

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