Rooftop – Theme Week: Shapes (5/7)


I am not a fan of the architecture of the 1960’s and 70’s, in particular brutalism. That said, I do enjoy photographing it. The lines and stark shapes make for some excellent photos. This is a photo of the roof of the Staatstheater in Darmstadt, Germany. It opened in 1972, as the original building was destroyed in 1945. The architect won a national prize for the building. My only comment about it is that it looks very dated. But fun to photograph.

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Tangents – Theme Week: Shapes (4/7)


Having grown up in New Jersey, I am well-aquainted with traffic circles. And the thought of traffic circles usually reminds me of stressful traffic. I find that the traffic circles in Germany are usually not subject to as much traffic as those back in NJ, and are much less stressful. And while I am well-aware that a traffic circle is just that – a circle, I took this picture because it was the first time I saw one from above. This was taken from the Munich TV Tower. I immediately noticed the geometric shapes – a circle with four tangents – dominates more than the actual objects.

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Waves – Theme Week: Shapes (3/7)


Spending a nice day in a park is one of the nicer things in life. I have been to a number of city parks, and while the big ones like Central Park of course made an impression, there are a number of smaller parks in smaller cities that are well-planned and accessible. I am lucky to live in a city with quite a few nice parks. I took this picture on a day spent with friends in the Herzogenriedpark in Mannheim. The roof has an interesting wave form, and while it is somewhat reminiscent of the 60’s or 70’s it is quite neat looking. I like the sense of motion is gives, despite being a solid and still structure.

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I Would Have Been Shot

Brandenburg Gate

Modern German history has fascinated me for a long time. The country has been through so much turmoil, so much change in such a short time. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Berlin, where the scars of the World Wars and Cold War division are still visible – even if they are disappearing. Whenever I am in Berlin near where the Wall stood, I find it hard to fathom that I would have been shot for standing there and taking a picture. Pariser Platz, where this picture was taken, was in the death strip, where the East German border guards had a shoot-to-kill order. A no man’s land after the war, Pariser Platz is now a symbol of a unified and revitalized Berlin, even if a bit of a tourist trap. Continue reading “I Would Have Been Shot”