Theme Week: Paris (1/4)

Paris 1

I sat down today to write some of my upcoming posts, including a theme week about an awesome city – Berlin. But after watching the images of the horrors unfold this weekend in Paris, I felt it would be inappropriate to continue as normal.

I want to keep my blog light and fun and focused on photography. I do not want to get into political discussions here. But the events in Paris are of such a scale that I feel that it would be inappropriate to simply continue as normal. I know that people are being killed every day in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, and other places. I know that people were killed in other terrorist attacks recently – the Beirut bombings and the downed Russian plane. But as a Western city Paris represents my culture and way of life. I have friends who live there. I travel there 2-3 times a year. So when Paris is attacked it feels closer, it feels more like an attack on my values.

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London Phone Booths


Iconic sights are often photographed. Yet I have always found it thrilling to see something you know from pictures or TV in person for the first time. You don’t usually see the lines and the experience of waiting for the ferry to get to the Statue of Liberty. Or the traffic while taking a cab to see the Houses of Parliament. But part of seeing these sights live is the experience of getting to the sight, experiencing the sounds and smells – for better or for worse.

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Waterfall in the City – Theme Week: Oddities (5/8)

Waterfall in the City

Waterfalls in the city? How odd!

I was very excited to be in New York City during the time of the New York City Waterfalls art exhibit. The exhibit brought together two of my favorite things to photograph – New York and waterfalls. The waterfalls were created by artist Olafur Eliasson and were installed between June and October 2008. I thought they were quite a stunning installation. Moving water and waterfalls are beautiful and unexpected in a city, especially under the Brooklyn Bridge (which was my favorite).

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Søro Sunset

Søro Sunset

Water always has a relaxing feeling to it. Whether on the beach, by a lake, or just taking a shower, water relaxes me. Sunsets are simply beautiful too, and my favorite time of day. This picture was taken in Søro, Denmark. It is a small town, with a renouned academy and a beautiful lake. The summer evening walk around the lake was a great way to relax after a day of playing tourist and driving.

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Bauhaus – Theme Week: Shapes (6/7)


I like the architecture of the Bauhaus school. It is known for its simplicity and lines and was a major influence on the modernist architecture movement. I think it also appealed to me because I find the literature of the Weimar period in Germany fascinating and this movement coincided with that time period. I chose this shot because I like the lines and the orderly disorder the open windows bring to the picture. Wonderful shapes here.

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