Open Season: Bikes on a Beach

Bikes on a Beach

I am always looking for ways to improve. One of the reasons for starting this blog is that I want to improve. Over the past few months, I have received much feedback. It was all positive. I am very thankful, humbled, and honored for that. But I also want criticism, so I am trying out a new feature: open season.

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Purple Prayer

Purple Prayer

I find religious buildings fascinating. They say so much about history, about a culture. Germany is known for its grand cathedrals and ancient buildings, like the Cologne Cathedral. But most churches in Germany are modern and not so grand. This is a church in Ludwigshafen, most likely built some time in the 1950’s. It is a simple church and speaks to the post-war reconstruction of the 1950’s. Today it has lost it’s shine, but I wonder how the churchgoers must have been excited to be able to worship in a brand new church after the war. It must have meant a lot to them.

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Maryland State House

Maryland State House

When I was young my parents took a weekend trip to Annapolis and left us behind. Upon their return I recall them having a good time and saying the city was nice. Since then I have always wanted to go and see the town. I recently had the opportunity to visit Annapolis with my parents. The town did not disappoint. It is historic, quaint, and friendly. I particularly liked the old brick architecture. I am glad I was able to make my own fond memories in this town.

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Wrinkly Potatoes

Wrinkly Potatoes

In preparation for a vacation on Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands, I read about the local food – wrinkly potatoes. They are small baked potatoes with a pepper sauce. Despite the name, I was very excited to try them. Fuertevenutra is a resort island and the town we stayed in was very touristy and oriented towards a German crowd. I found Schnitzel but no wrinkly potatoes. We rented a car and headed inland and found a wonderful little city, Betancuria, located in a lush valley. It was very picturesque, and this small restaurant fit right in. We ordered a plate of tapas, including wrinkly potatoes. This was the best food all trip. The wrinkly potatoes did not disappoint. Everything was excellent and local. If you have the opportunity, do order papas arrugadas.

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Happy Couple – Theme Week: Oddities (8/8)

Happy Couple

I know, I know. A week has 7 days. I had so many pictures that fit this theme, I thought I would add on a bonus day.

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is an interesting place, a creative place, an odd place. Everywhere you look, there are bottles, figures, pieces of glass. It is a lot to take in, but after a few minutes you start noticing the details. And there are some interesting details. This couple was sitting happily on top of a lump of clay. I think it stuck out because I took this in November 2012, a few days after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast. After the TV blaring doom and gloom for days, and seeing the destruction on the Jersey Shore, it was nice to see this blissful couple. Sitting where they always sit. Oblivious to everything. Or perhaps they just don’t care?

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