Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

When I was young I loved looking at city skylines. While I was fortunate enough to see two great skylines (Philadelphia and New York) relatively often, I always wanted to see others. I had a set of puzzles of major US cities that showed these skylines. Two really caught my eye – San Francisco because of the Transamerica Pyramid and Pittsburgh.

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A Day in New York (1/4) – Empire State

Empire State

Last September I spent a day in New York City with my parents. We had a wonderful time and I was able to capture some excellent pictures. In this series, I will share some of the pictures. They are all very different from each other, but only have in common is they were taken on the same day in NYC.

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Play Me a Song

Play Me a Song

I took this picture shortly after I took the picture posted in “Baking in the Sun.” The contrast of an ancient church and Roman ruins, then turning around to see modern city life intrigues me. You would almost never guess the two pictures were taken minutes apart. I don’t recall what drew my eye to these two, but I do know they stood out from the crowd. I wonder is she asking him to play a song?

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Run Along the Rhine

Run Along the Rhine

A while back I spend the day with a friend who also enjoys photography. My goal for the day was to photograph in black and white. Another photographer friend had recommended this assignment to me, as you really pay attention to dark and light rather than color. We spent the day in Wiesbaden and Rüsselsheim and the results were surprisingly good.

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Alte Brücke

Alte Brücke

This bridge has a lot of stories to tell. The Alte Brücke, or Old Bridge, in Heidelberg was first built in 1788 (actually making the bridge not very old), though other bridges have been located here since the 12th century. The Nazis destroyed the bridge in 1945 as they retreated across the Neckar. The bridge was then rebuilt a few years later. The bridge is beautiful and the view of Heidelberg Castle is amazing, making it a must-see stop on any tour of Heidelberg.

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