Blue and Yellow

Blue and Yellow

Sitting on a small, upstairs balcony of a cafe in Graz, Austria, I really had time to relax and take in what was going on in the streets below. The cafe was near the river that runs through the city. In addition to the sounds of the river, the sounds of cars and streetcars from a major intersection mixed in. There was a small playground and a few parents were mingling while watching their children play. The bike in this picture really jumped out at me. The bushes and trees along the river were a seemingly uniform tone of green, as was the park. The blue and yellow of this bike stood out. To me, the colors made the bike appear fun, ready for an adventure. I am sure it has had many.

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Open Season: Bikes on a Beach

Bikes on a Beach

I am always looking for ways to improve. One of the reasons for starting this blog is that I want to improve. Over the past few months, I have received much feedback. It was all positive. I am very thankful, humbled, and honored for that. But I also want criticism, so I am trying out a new feature: open season.

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