A Bit of B&W: Leif Shetlands Larsen

Leif Shetlands Larsen

In the center of Bergen, Norway, this statue stands imposingly on a harbor pier. It really stood out. People took to sitting around the statue and birds found the top of the statue to be a nice perch. I didn’t have time to read about who this statue is of, but thanks to the internet I figured out it is of Leif Larsen. He was a naval officer and the most highly decorated Norwegian in WWII. History has so many details, it is amazing how it seems you can never learn it all.

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Color (3/7): Bryggen


Bergen is a scenic little city on the Southwestern coast of Norway. It is nestled between several picturesque hills on an inlet with many islands. It is simply beautiful. Bryggen is the old section of town. While it has burn down many times, it has always been restored to the original state and is quite neat. The colors here are more earthy than in the other pictures in this series, but these cute, old buildings in bright earthy tones make a beautiful impression. I like the zigzag pattern that the roofs of the houses make.

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