Berlin B&W (1/5)

Berlin B&W 1

Finally starting the theme I had intended to post, but bumped it to show solidarity for Paris. Over the next few posts, I will feature Berlin in Black and White.

These pictures were taken from a trip this summer. It was a fun weekend. Berlin is always fun. The weather was cool for July and rainy, which made for excellent B&W pictures.

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Post Tower

Post Tower

I am very thankful that smart phone cameras are good enough to take daily good shots. I was on a business trip to a conference being held by Deutsche Post in their headquarters tower in Bonn, Germany. The building is glass and is the tallest in Bonn. The bright blue sky was reflected nicely off of the building and the curves and angles of the building make for some excellent pictures. I could have spent hours here getting different shots – and maybe I will one day. But as I didn’t have time nor my camera, I settled for a few iPhone shots.

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Sky High

Sky High

I love the architecture of skyscrapers. Europe isn’t known for it’s tall buildings, but thankfully I live not to far away from Frankfurt, which has the highest number of skyscrapers in Germany. Every year they host a Skyscraper Festival, so in 2014 I attended. It was a nice day, though taking full advantage of all on offer would have required more planning. Of all the photos I took, I like this one the most. I think because, to me, it shows not matter high we build, we are still small.

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Maryland State House

Maryland State House

When I was young my parents took a weekend trip to Annapolis and left us behind. Upon their return I recall them having a good time and saying the city was nice. Since then I have always wanted to go and see the town. I recently had the opportunity to visit Annapolis with my parents. The town did not disappoint. It is historic, quaint, and friendly. I particularly liked the old brick architecture. I am glad I was able to make my own fond memories in this town.

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The Skyline – Theme Week: New York City (7/7)

New York City

I thought it would be appropriate to wrap up the New York City theme with this skyline picture. This is also one of my top 5 favorite pictures, as it was the first time this type of picture turned out the way I wanted it to. The Manhattan skyline is breathtaking and the blue, the building lights, and the reflection on the water make for an awesome postcard-like picture.

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