I cherish little relics of the past that live on today. The Kristallspiegelsaal, or crystal mirror hall, belongs to a hotel and restaurant in the town of Altenahr, Germany. In this small town in the Ahr Valley, tradition lives on. I wasn’t able to find out when the this opened, but it looks like early 1970’s to me. I think about all of the fun times that have been had here, the drunken dramas, the meals eaten together with friends and family. I also wonder how much longer a place like this will survive.

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A Bit of B&W: Take a Break

Take a Break

While taking a walk along the Ahr River, I noticed this table and chairs on the side of the road right near where the path began. The table and chairs did not match and were very simple. Yet I found them inviting. They obviously were meant for the people who lived in the house, but the chairs were inviting. They were almost asking passers by to sit and take a break.

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Ahr Railroad Bridge

Aha Railroad Bridge

While this doesn’t really fit to the spring weather, I really wanted to share this photo. In November I spent a few days in the Ahr Valley, which is about an hour south of Cologne, Germany. It is an absolutely beautiful area, with extensive biking, walking, and hiking paths, good restaurants, and good wine. These bridges were originally both railroad bridges. Today only one is used for rail and the second is a bike path. The double arch appealed to my eye and the bright yellow leaves on the ground add some color to the picture. Maybe the memories of the relaxing and refreshing walk also make the picture more appealing to me too.

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