Color (4/7): Whizzing By

Whizzing By

After watching the sunset over the Bay of Trieste, I spent some time getting some night shots. Of course I didn’t have my tripod with me, so many came out blurry. About to give up, I noticed these lighted pillars in the median of the main road and thought this could make for an interesting picture. I took a number of shots as cars whizzed by and I was very happy with this one. It looks surreal at first. I don’t think it looks as simple as just a car driving by. I love how the colors glow and the sky isn’t quite totally dark yet and matches the purple in the pillars.

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Trains in Motion

Trains in Motion

So many people spend so much time commuting, and almost all of us would not classify the commute as a highlight or something we look forward to. But quite often when traveling I notice things I wouldn’t otherwise, maybe because I simply have nothing better to do when sitting on the train. I find myself always looking at other trains or planes when traveling. On the one hand the technologies are fascinating, on the other it is somewhat hypnotizing and allows the mind to wander into random thoughts.

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