Gotta Go? – Theme Week: Oddities (1/8)

Gotta Go?

Port-o-Potties are gross. I am sure each of you has some funny / horrifying story about using one. So it probably wouldn’t strike you as a great subject for a photo. It’s odd. Welcome to my third theme week. I had intended on doing these once a month, but the reaction has been so positive I decided to do them whenever I come up with material. I dug into my picture archives to come up with odd pictures. These are more “artistic” than most of my pictures and often more edited and I am interested in hearing what you think.

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Trains in Motion

Trains in Motion

So many people spend so much time commuting, and almost all of us would not classify the commute as a highlight or something we look forward to. But quite often when traveling I notice things I wouldn’t otherwise, maybe because I simply have nothing better to do when sitting on the train. I find myself always looking at other trains or planes when traveling. On the one hand the technologies are fascinating, on the other it is somewhat hypnotizing and allows the mind to wander into random thoughts.

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Purple Sunset

Purple Sunset

After a long day of work, I drove home using back roads because of a traffic jam. Rather stressed and on autopilot completing my daily routine, I noticed the colors in the sky. They were in fact so varied and bright, I stopped the car to take a snapshot. I have posted quite a few sunsets, so you may know by now that I really enjoy them. It’s like nature painting on the sky. It is neat how the colors change so quickly. The colors in the sky on this night were simply amazing.

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Bank of America Tower

I have always been fascinated by skyscrapers. In fact, some of my first pictures I ever took as a kid were of skyscrapers in Philadelphia. I think it is the drama of a skyline, how humankind has managed to build something so massive, so high. It amazes me how one building can dramatically alter a cityscape – like changes to the Manhattan skyline since 2001 or the addition of the Comcast Tower to the Philadelphia skyline.

For someone who loves skyscrapers, Manhattan is heaven. There have been so many new buildings built over the past few years. On a recent visit to New York City, I was walking at night and passed under the 1,200 ft Bank of America tower – the 4th largest building in NYC. The glass facade is really lit nicely at night. The sky was cloudy and the light was reflecting in a very cool way. I wished I had my camera with me. Thankfully cell phones have pretty good cameras and I was able to get a snapshot.

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