Extra! Extra!

Extra Extra

Walking around Ludwigshafen center, I passed by the offices of the Rheinpfalz, the local newspaper. I saw this man reading the daily paper and it struck me as quaint. There was  a time when many more people would have been stopping by to take a look and depending on the daily paper for news. Also, the angle struck me – while you can clearly tell this is a man, he is headless, with the paper covering his head. It stuck me in the moment.

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Champs Élysées 

Champs Elysée

I love visiting places that hold special memories. While studying on my year abroad my parents and two cousins came to visit and we had an adventure in paris. We thought it would be a good idea to take a picture in the middle of the Champs Élysées. It’s not. As my mom was taking a picture, a huge bus nearly ran us over. You can see the bus in the background of the picture. Stupid, could have been dangerous, but in the end it was funny. Any time I cross the Champs Élysées, I remember that moment and the good times we had.

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Post Tower

Post Tower

I am very thankful that smart phone cameras are good enough to take daily good shots. I was on a business trip to a conference being held by Deutsche Post in their headquarters tower in Bonn, Germany. The building is glass and is the tallest in Bonn. The bright blue sky was reflected nicely off of the building and the curves and angles of the building make for some excellent pictures. I could have spent hours here getting different shots – and maybe I will one day. But as I didn’t have time nor my camera, I settled for a few iPhone shots.

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Lighted Path

Path to Light

After a bad day, I forced myself to get on my bike. I often react to stress by becoming lethargic, even though physical activity is what helps me most. It was a good choice. The weather was lovely on this warm evening and I really was able to clear my head. While going around a bend on this bike path, which runs along the Rhine River in Ludwigshafen, I saw the awesome way the light was falling and immediately was angry I didn’t have my 600D with me.

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Tour Eiffel

Tour Eiffel

One thing I hoped would happen when I started this blog is that I would learn. I have, in fact, learned a lot. The analytics built into the sight are quite neat to view and analyze. One thing I noticed is that pictures of things that are often photographed don’t really make a big wave. The more obscure a picture, or the more personal, the more response it gets. For example, I posted a beautiful picture of the Manhattan skyline just after sunset. It is one of my favorites. The response was positive, but muted. I posted a picture of glowing chairs suspended in the air, and that had a much bigger response.

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