Evening on the Gulf of Trieste

Evening on the Gulf of Trieste

What is it about water that is so relaxing? This photograph was taken during a walk along the promenade in Trieste, Italy in early June. It was crowded, yet peaceful. Most people were packing up after having spent the day on the beach, while some sat and enjoyed the last rays of the day. People were happy and relaxed. The sea has that effect. I feel this picture captures the peace I felt well.

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Sea Gulls in Telašćica

Sea Gulls in Talašćica

Sea gulls remind me of summer vacation. They are nice birds to watch in flight. And they are nasty. They steal ice cream cones from children and can be rather aggressive when food is around. Despite their annoyance, I still love hearing their call – it sounds like vacation. On a boat ride to Telašćica Nature Park in Croatia, people started throwing bread over and many sea gulls started following the boat, diving for the food. It was amazing to see how fast they were flying and how precisely they could catch the bread. And it was a wonderful opportunity to get close up photos of these birds.

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Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crabs

Summer 2015 is now a memory, so I thought I would end with one final summer post. Summer always reminds me of the Jersey Shore, and what is more Jersey Shore than hermit crabs? I had hermit crabs as a child and always found these creatures fascinating. And although I now realize that it isn’t very humane to hold living creatures like this, they do bring back fond memories.

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City Pigeons

City Pigeons

Pigeons are an animal I just can’t grow to like. I am sure many people feel this way. They are called flying rats for a reason. This group of pigeons was particularly aggressive. There were a few bakeries and kiosks selling food in the area, and people were dropping crumbs and feeding the pigeons. More and more pigeons came looking for food and it almost seemed they were chasing the people away.

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