Trieste Tranquility

Trieste Sunset

You don’t normally describe a city as tranquil. Especially and Italian city. Yet, the evening that I took this picture was exactly that. It was spent strolling along the waterfront at sunset. There was noise, there were lots of people about, but the mood was tranquil and relaxed. And I feel this picture captured it perfectly.

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I am constantly amazed at the things that can be discovered in this world. The caves at Škocjan really blew me away. It is one of the largest cave systems in the world, and the caves have an underground river running through it. It was interesting to move through the cave and progress deeper into it and hear the water echoing. One interesting fact is that it is really hard to tell how big the “room” you are in is because you have no reference points. When the tour guide told us what could fit in the cave, we were all astounded.

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Ground Floor


When exploring Eggenberg Palace in Graz, I noticed the interesting stone floor in the courtyard. I thought it would be need to get a closer view and maybe make a nice background. When taking a closer look, I noticed the variety of color in the stones and the very varied texture on them. I love when photography brings me to notice things I normally wouldn’t notice.

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Graz Infinity


I found the infinity symbol in light on the Kunsthaus Graz intriguing. What captures my eye and intrigues me gets photographed. So I set up my tripod on the bridge to shoot this picture. I like this picture for a few reasons. I like the lighting – the blue-purple sky combined with the artificial lights on the building and street. But I also like that it isn’t necessarily the postcard type of picture. There is “too much” street in the picture. The tram wires run across the picture. But to me, it is real. And that is what I aimed to capture. A nice scene, but a real scene.

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Ahr Railroad Bridge

Aha Railroad Bridge

While this doesn’t really fit to the spring weather, I really wanted to share this photo. In November I spent a few days in the Ahr Valley, which is about an hour south of Cologne, Germany. It is an absolutely beautiful area, with extensive biking, walking, and hiking paths, good restaurants, and good wine. These bridges were originally both railroad bridges. Today only one is used for rail and the second is a bike path. The double arch appealed to my eye and the bright yellow leaves on the ground add some color to the picture. Maybe the memories of the relaxing and refreshing walk also make the picture more appealing to me too.

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