Blood Moon

Blood Moon

I have loved amateur astronomy since I was a kid and received an astronomy book for my 8th birthday. I can recall dragging my parents outside all night to watch lunar eclipses or meteor showers. I still love star gazing and even taking a stab at photographing the sky.

Astrophotography is quite difficult and requires specific equipment. There isn’t much that you can photograph with what I have – a 250mm lens and a tripod. The moon can be easily photographed with this size lens, but not much else can. Earlier this year I did successfully photograph the partial solar eclipse, so I thought this would be another opportunity to get some good astrophotography in.

Some of the pictures came out great, I find the ones of totality just OK. But overall it’s a good set so I thought would share a series.

The above picture is of totality, taken at 4:19 AM CET. All pictures were taken using my Canon 600D and EF-s 55-250 lens at 250mm and ISO 100 unless otherwise stated. The totality picture was f/7.1, 1.3 sec.

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Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crabs

Summer 2015 is now a memory, so I thought I would end with one final summer post. Summer always reminds me of the Jersey Shore, and what is more Jersey Shore than hermit crabs? I had hermit crabs as a child and always found these creatures fascinating. And although I now realize that it isn’t very humane to hold living creatures like this, they do bring back fond memories.

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Nature’s Painting

Nature's Painting

I do not like hot weather, and the recent hot weather led me to think about the fall. I took this picture on a walk to look at the foliage. Unfortunately the fall foliage in Germany does not compare to what you see in New England, but the colors are still pretty. I remember not liking the fall as a kid because it meant back to school. But as I attended college in New England, I grew to love the fall – the cool weather, the beautiful foliage, and well back to school was a good thing. Now fall is one of my favorite seasons. I don’t want to wish the summer away, but thinking about the fall helps me stay cool during a heat wave.

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Circle in the Sky – Theme Week: Shapes (1/7)

Circle in the Sky

One suggestion for theme week was shapes. I chose this one because I knew I had enough old material to be able to post quickly. It is interesting to go back and look through so many pictures but view them differently. I have my pictures organized chronologically according to event. But sorting through them for a specific theme was quite an interesting experience and I found a few that surprise me in retrospect. And the shape theme jumps out as obvious even though I didn’t think of it like that before.

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Woman in Atlantic City

As I have mentioned previously, I think about stories a lot. I wonder what benches the stories on the boardwalk tell. The vacationers, the lovers, the criminals, the storms. When people are sitting on benches I wonder what their story is. In this case, I was walking around Atlantic City with my telephoto lens trying to take pictures that were not typical. I spotted this person sitting on the bench and the look on her face caught me. I still can’t tell if it is peaceful or distraught.

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