Color (6/7): Times Square

Times Square

Times Square – fun, iconic, crowded, loud, rip off. It is a lot of things good and bad. I am fascinated by Times Square because of the transformation it has undergone over the past 30 years. I vividly remember my first time passing through times square, on a school trip. Times Square hadn’t been cleaned up and it was dirty, full of adult theaters, and sketchy characters on the streets. I remember thinking to myself, “where the heck are they taking us?”

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Color (1/7): Subway


I have curated seven photos for my next theme – Color.

This is the Canal St. subway stop. I was in New York City on business and met my parents. We had a very nice dinner and on the way back to the hotel the lighting, graffiti and subway stop caught my eye. I was lucky that a random person was going down the stairs when I snapped this.

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Walking the Dog

Walking the Dog

I took this shot when I was outside on the street in Zadar, Croatia, near one of the old Roman gates to the city, enjoying the weather and scenery. A woman walking her dog caught my eye, they were milling about in the shade, and the light coming in over the gate made for an interesting contrast. I assume she lived in Zadar. Whenever I vacation somewhere, I find the people who live there interesting. I wonder what their lives are like and what their impression of their town is.

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Waiting in Zadar

I have been posting a lot of pictures from the trip to Croatia. It is a beautiful country with interesting things to photograph at every turn. I took this picture while walking through Zadar’s old town. The symmetry of the benches and the signpost attracted by eye. The signpost is leaning slightly, creating just the right amount of tension in the picture. This was another case where I wanted to take the picture without people in it, but since this woman was waiting for a bus, she wasn’t going anywhere. I am happy that she is in this picture. Back turned, you aren’t sure if she is about to walk out of the picture or stand there for longer.

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Selfie Love

Selfie Love

I often observe how people interact with their cell phones. You see people not paying attention while driving or walking, people sitting in a group at a café ignoring everyone and focused on their phone. I am a heavy mobile user, I am also guilty of the behaviors I mentioned above. But I do make an effort not to stay on the phone when interacting with others. But modern life and these gadgets have changed our social behavior.

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