A Day in New York (2/4) – Anguish


The sculptor capture the anguish and despair of these subjects amazingly. The story this sculpture tells is horrible. It refers to a scene in Dante’s Inferno where a man condemned to die of starvation succumbs to his hunger and eats his children and grandchildren. You can read more about the statue, which is in New York’s amazing Metropolitan Museum of Art, here. The sculpture is called Ugolino and His Sons, by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux in 1865.

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A Day in New York (1/4) – Empire State

Empire State

Last September I spent a day in New York City with my parents. We had a wonderful time and I was able to capture some excellent pictures. In this series, I will share some of the pictures. They are all very different from each other, but only have in common is they were taken on the same day in NYC.

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For Whom?

For Whom?

Continuing the afternoon in Zadar that the previous two pictures document, I turned from the street musician and walked further down the main road. Looking into an run down passageway at garbage cans, I saw these two mannequins. It struck me as incredibly odd that these were on display in such an out of the way location. For whom?

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Play Me a Song

Play Me a Song

I took this picture shortly after I took the picture posted in “Baking in the Sun.” The contrast of an ancient church and Roman ruins, then turning around to see modern city life intrigues me. You would almost never guess the two pictures were taken minutes apart. I don’t recall what drew my eye to these two, but I do know they stood out from the crowd. I wonder is she asking him to play a song?

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Long Time Baking

Long Time Baking

Old things fascinate me. I wonder what it was like when an old building was build. I wonder what the people who built the building lives were like. I wonder how things have changed throughout time. The St. Donatus Church in Zadar, Croatia is one of these buildings. It was built int he 9th century and has spent a long time since baking in the sun.

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