Lamp Store

Lamp Store

How many times do we go through the day so busy and preoccupied, we miss out on what is going around us? I know there are countless times I have done this and realized it later. To counter this, no matter how busy or distracted I am, I try to take a few minutes to appreciate the sunset, or put away the cell phone and enjoy the company around me, or pull out a physical book or magazine and take time to read. I don’t do this enough, and I am not always successful in my endeavors to slow down, but I try.

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Hudson Yards – Theme Week: New York City (3/7)

Hudson Yards

The logistical challenge big cities pose is fascinating. On the one hand, it is good to have everyone concentrated together. On the other, it creates logistical challenges due to crowding and lack of space. Anyone who has commuted to Manhattan has experienced this challenge first hand. I took this picture from the High Line, an excellent public park on former elevated rail tracks looking down at Hudson Yards. Seeing this many trains at once in Manhattan is an interesting site.

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It Never Gets Dark


Growing up in New Jersey, I know summer days are long and winters are dark. But one of the things that has fascinated me about the northern latitudes in Europe where I now live is how much more extreme the change is. Currently sunset is 9:30 PM in Mannheim. Last summer on a trip to Helsinki (60N), it was fascinating to see that even in August it was still twilight long after 10 PM. I would love to experience the white nights of St. Petersburg or Alaska at solstice in June.

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