Theme Week: Paris (4/4)


This picture was taken on a morning walk near the rue des Pyramides. I particularly like that I was able to capture the birds flying. The Eiffel Tower signals that this is somewhere in Paris, but it is not the main subject in this picture. I particularly like the tranquility that this picture captures. I hope this tranquility returns soon.

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Theme Week: Paris (2/4)

Peaceful Paris

A requisite for every tourist is a visit to the Arc de Triomphe. It is worth climbing the stairs to the top. The view of the city is amazing. Paris doesn’t have many large buildings in the center, so you have an excellent view over almost the entire city. This view of the Eiffel Tower is my favorite.

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Theme Week: Paris (1/4)

Paris 1

I sat down today to write some of my upcoming posts, including a theme week about an awesome city – Berlin. But after watching the images of the horrors unfold this weekend in Paris, I felt it would be inappropriate to continue as normal.

I want to keep my blog light and fun and focused on photography. I do not want to get into political discussions here. But the events in Paris are of such a scale that I feel that it would be inappropriate to simply continue as normal. I know that people are being killed every day in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, and other places. I know that people were killed in other terrorist attacks recently – the Beirut bombings and the downed Russian plane. But as a Western city Paris represents my culture and way of life. I have friends who live there. I travel there 2-3 times a year. So when Paris is attacked it feels closer, it feels more like an attack on my values.

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Street art can really add to a cityscape. I especially like the creative kind. This ugly trash can in Passau, Germany, was really transformed by these graffiti hummingbirds. It grabbed by eye and made me stop. I could visualize the hummingbirds feeding on whatever they found tasty in this trash can. I like the contrast of hummingbirds, which most people have a positive association and a gross trash can and wall in need of repair.

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