Berlin B&W (5/5)

Berlin B&W 5

I have mentioned before that the contrasts in Berlin fascinate me. You can tell the city has been through a lot. But you often hear people who have been through tough times say that it made them stronger or into the person they are today. I think Berlin is like that – it wouldn’t be as cool or trendy or interesting or fun if it had not been through those rough times.

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Berlin B&W (3/5)

Berlin B&W 3

As the one behind the camera, I have few pictures of myself. When I do manage to get a shot with me in it, it is usually not the typical photograph.  As the Spree River cruise went by some modern glass government buildings, I caught the reflection of the boat. It is interesting to see yourself from a distance, as other see you. Another tourist in the tourist boat.

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Berlin B&W (2/5)

Berlin B&W 2

When learning about composition, you often hear one of the guidelines is to include lines that draw the viewer’s eye to certain points in the photo. I was on a boat tour on the Spree and the lines the stairs leading back up to ground level caught my eye. The texture of the cement walls, the pattern of the stairs, and the contrasting diagonals make for a nice picture. I also like the way the lone bag in the lower left stands out exactly because it doesn’t fit.

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City Pigeons

City Pigeons

Pigeons are an animal I just can’t grow to like. I am sure many people feel this way. They are called flying rats for a reason. This group of pigeons was particularly aggressive. There were a few bakeries and kiosks selling food in the area, and people were dropping crumbs and feeding the pigeons. More and more pigeons came looking for food and it almost seemed they were chasing the people away.

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