Long Time Baking

Long Time Baking

Old things fascinate me. I wonder what it was like when an old building was build. I wonder what the people who built the building lives were like. I wonder how things have changed throughout time. The St. Donatus Church in Zadar, Croatia is one of these buildings. It was built int he 9th century and has spent a long time since baking in the sun.

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Color (6/7): Times Square

Times Square

Times Square – fun, iconic, crowded, loud, rip off. It is a lot of things good and bad. I am fascinated by Times Square because of the transformation it has undergone over the past 30 years. I vividly remember my first time passing through times square, on a school trip. Times Square hadn’t been cleaned up and it was dirty, full of adult theaters, and sketchy characters on the streets. I remember thinking to myself, “where the heck are they taking us?”

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Alte Brücke

Alte Brücke

This bridge has a lot of stories to tell. The Alte Brücke, or Old Bridge, in Heidelberg was first built in 1788 (actually making the bridge not very old), though other bridges have been located here since the 12th century. The Nazis destroyed the bridge in 1945 as they retreated across the Neckar. The bridge was then rebuilt a few years later. The bridge is beautiful and the view of Heidelberg Castle is amazing, making it a must-see stop on any tour of Heidelberg.

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Berlin B&W (1/5)

Berlin B&W 1

Finally starting the theme I had intended to post, but bumped it to show solidarity for Paris. Over the next few posts, I will feature Berlin in Black and White.

These pictures were taken from a trip this summer. It was a fun weekend. Berlin is always fun. The weather was cool for July and rainy, which made for excellent B&W pictures.

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