Creepy Picture #3

Who's That?

Who is that? The man almost seems to have a halo or to glow. Who is he? What is everyone doing? What is no one facing the camera? What are they walking away from?

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Creepy Picture #2

Creepy Carousel

I am sure this carousel is the source of many fun times for kids. However, on a dark, late summer night it seemed really creepy. This picture is not well-lit and slightly blurry, which gives it a dreamlike nature to it. The backlit nature of the photo is also something that makes me uneasy.

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A Bit of B&W: Sv. Duh II

Sv. Duh

I have posted about this neat little island with a very small church on it before. This picture is so drastically different, I thought I would post it for this B&W series. Of course changes in lighting and time of day can really alter a picture. But this picture and the previous post linked above were taken minutes apart, yet they give completely different impressions. The black and white changes the mood, while the composure, with the path leading to the church at the center of the picture makes the island church the main character in this one. I like both, but there is a side of me that prefers the drama of this shot. Which one do you like better?

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A Bit of B&W: Breaktime


Tourist towns are interesting. We mostly experience them as tourists, wandering through town, seeing the sights, maybe getting lost, and hopefully having a good time doing so. But what about those living in a touristy area? Do they despise the tourists? Do they feel like they are always on vacation?

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