I am constantly amazed at the things that can be discovered in this world. The caves at Škocjan really blew me away. It is one of the largest cave systems in the world, and the caves have an underground river running through it. It was interesting to move through the cave and progress deeper into it and hear the water echoing. One interesting fact is that it is really hard to tell how big the “room” you are in is because you have no reference points. When the tour guide told us what could fit in the cave, we were all astounded.

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Context is important. It can be the difference between an insult and a joke. It can warp the perception of an event. I have been thinking a lot about context, given the tense mood in society right now. Pictures are misused, facts are misconstrued.

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The Big Question

The Big Question

I hiked to the top of a hit in Piran, Slovenia to find this question mark graffitied onto the wall in front of me. It really stuck out as the wall didn’t have much graffiti on it, and it was contrasted with the big, open blue sky. But I wondered, what was the big question? Once I approached the wall, it was easy to see over. The view of the city on the peninsula was amazing! But I still don’t know what the question was…

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Old Boat


On vacation in Croatia, I took a touristy boat cruise to see the national park Kornati. It is simply beautiful there. But sometimes the favorite part of an adventure is the unexpected. On the way back to Zadar, the boat stopped at a small village called Kukljica. Walking around the small harbor, I noticed some old boats in the water. Their fading, peeling paint immediately caught my eye. As usual, my mind wandered to wondering what the stories were behind the boats? I assume the owners used them to earn a living. Are they still used?  No one was around to talk to so the questions remain unanswered.

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I took this picture while wandering around Graz, Austria in the morning. The market wasn’t fully opened and it was interesting to see the closed stands.  This angle intrigued me, with the numbers standing out. I also liked the clear contrast of shabby, modern stands juxtaposed against the classical facade of the city hall (at least I think it was city hall).

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