Color (7/7): Color in Darkness

Color in Darkness

The contrast of artificial light in the dark can be very surreal. In Feb 2015 I visited the Winterlichter illumination at Luisenpark in Mannheim. The exhibit was enjoyable and surreal. I especially liked the bright color of these trees, unexpected not only due to the color, but because the trees are illuminated from the bottom, which one isn’t accustom to seeing.

Winterlichter 2016 is running in Mannheim through February 21, and I would recommend a trip. I spent a few hours taking photos the other night and I am sure some will make an appearance here.

Photographing such vivid lights in the dark is quite challenging. A tripod is a must. I prefer an open aperture, but on this trip I hadn’t figured it out yet. I used a lot of different settings, trying things out to see what worked. That’s one way to learn, but it requires a lot of time and patience.

Camera: Canon 600D
Lens: EF-S 18-55 at 18 mm
Aperture: f/7.1
Shutter Speed: 1.6 sec
Postprocessing: Lightroom

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