Color (2/7): Prater Riesenrad

Prater Riesenrad

I have always hear about how beautiful Vienna is. I have often been quite disappointed by cities that others had promised were so wonderful. This was not the case in Vienna. It is an absolutely stunning city. One of the must-see tourist sites and symbols of the city is the Prater Riesenrad (Prater is a large amusement park in the city, Riesenrad means Ferris wheel). It is one of the oldest, used to be the tallest, and is worth a trip around. The lighting at night against the metal structure produces some interesting patterns and I was excited to capture the color.

The challenge here was motion and obstructed view. I upped the ISO (but only to 800) and waited for the right moment when the wheel stopped. But even then the carriage was rocking slightly. So it was a challenge. Further I wanted to line up the pattern, but there weren’t windows I could access where I needed to stand. I managed to get nearly the picture I wanted by standing in a very uncomfortable position.

Camera: Canon 600D
Lens: EF-S 18-55 at 18 mm
Aperture: f/3.35
Shutter Speed: 1/10
Postprocessing: Photoshop

One thought on “Color (2/7): Prater Riesenrad

  1. I can feel the butterfly’ in my stomach. Such fun. The pictures gives me the feeling of the excitement of the ride.


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