Theme Week: Paris (1/4)

Paris 1

I sat down today to write some of my upcoming posts, including a theme week about an awesome city – Berlin. But after watching the images of the horrors unfold this weekend in Paris, I felt it would be inappropriate to continue as normal.

I want to keep my blog light and fun and focused on photography. I do not want to get into political discussions here. But the events in Paris are of such a scale that I feel that it would be inappropriate to simply continue as normal. I know that people are being killed every day in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, and other places. I know that people were killed in other terrorist attacks recently – the Beirut bombings and the downed Russian plane. But as a Western city Paris represents my culture and way of life. I have friends who live there. I travel there 2-3 times a year. So when Paris is attacked it feels closer, it feels more like an attack on my values.

Changing a profile picture or a simple share on social media does not necessarily make an impact or effect positive change. Nonetheless, showing solidarity, sharing what ideals you stand for can make an impact. I feel that it is important for this blog to show solidarity with the Parisians. I feel that the way to counteract the evil is to flood the world with the positive memories and images of a wonderful city. It is important to remember the victims and not the perpetrators.

I wanted to share picture of people in Paris. Everyday scenes. While searching through my pictures, I realized that I have mostly taken pictures of tourist attractions. Now I know what I will be taking pictures of the next time I am in Paris.

This picture is combination of 3 images taken with my Canon G9

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