Post Tower

Post Tower

I am very thankful that smart phone cameras are good enough to take daily good shots. I was on a business trip to a conference being held by Deutsche Post in their headquarters tower in Bonn, Germany. The building is glass and is the tallest in Bonn. The bright blue sky was reflected nicely off of the building and the curves and angles of the building make for some excellent pictures. I could have spent hours here getting different shots – and maybe I will one day. But as I didn’t have time nor my camera, I settled for a few iPhone shots.

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Reflecting by the Sea

My eye was drawn to this man sitting by the water at sunset, because he looked so contemplative. I find that the changing light of sunset soothes me, and in this peace comes room to think. I really enjoyed this sunset, and I had the time to because this was taken on vacation in Trieste, Italy.

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Theme Week: Paris (4/4)


This picture was taken on a morning walk near the rue des Pyramides. I particularly like that I was able to capture the birds flying. The Eiffel Tower signals that this is somewhere in Paris, but it is not the main subject in this picture. I particularly like the tranquility that this picture captures. I hope this tranquility returns soon.

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