Street art can really add to a cityscape. I especially like the creative kind. This ugly trash can in Passau, Germany, was really transformed by these graffiti hummingbirds. It grabbed by eye and made me stop. I could visualize the hummingbirds feeding on whatever they found tasty in this trash can. I like the contrast of hummingbirds, which most people have a positive association and a gross trash can and wall in need of repair.

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Blood Moon

Blood Moon

I have loved amateur astronomy since I was a kid and received an astronomy book for my 8th birthday. I can recall dragging my parents outside all night to watch lunar eclipses or meteor showers. I still love star gazing and even taking a stab at photographing the sky.

Astrophotography is quite difficult and requires specific equipment. There isn’t much that you can photograph with what I have – a 250mm lens and a tripod. The moon can be easily photographed with this size lens, but not much else can. Earlier this year I did successfully photograph the partial solar eclipse, so I thought this would be another opportunity to get some good astrophotography in.

Some of the pictures came out great, I find the ones of totality just OK. But overall it’s a good set so I thought would share a series.

The above picture is of totality, taken at 4:19 AM CET. All pictures were taken using my Canon 600D and EF-s 55-250 lens at 250mm and ISO 100 unless otherwise stated. The totality picture was f/7.1, 1.3 sec.

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Jolly Man

Jolly Man

This jolly man was in a park in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. He really seemed to enjoy what he was doing, and people were giving him lots of coins. I snapped a picture of him and was able to capture a bit of his personality or the mood he was conveying at the time. It looks posed, but in reality it was just good timing. He wasn’t actually looking at me nor was he posing. Lucky shot! I took this at a time when I decided I wanted to get better shots of people and moved closer to him than I had been to other subjects in the past. I think this helped both the picture, and helped me get more comfortable.

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Paradise by the Waterfall


As a child watching TV, I remember seeing people bathing by a waterfall in what looked like paradise and always wanting to visit. Of all the places I have been fortunate enough to travel to, I had never come across anything like what I had seen on TV. On a visit to Croatia this summer I found it! I have already posted a picture from Krka National Park and will repeat again that it is an amazing place.  This waterfall, called Skrandinski Buk, came close to that paradise I saw on TV. And you can even go swimming by the waterfall (which I didn’t do).

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